I am my family reporter

Become your family reporter. We’ll take care of the rest.

The saga of your life begins here!

I recount my family’s history

Who dreams of telling their family’s history, complete with its major events, the joys and sorrows, the stories told around the holiday table or by the fire on a cold winter night? Who dreams of preserving the secrets of grandma’s cooking and the wise words and counsel that have shaped the person you’ve become today?
The obvious truth is that because we rarely take the time, our family culture slowly fades, and we’re left with regrets and remorse. We offer you an easy-to-implement solution for gathering and preserving your family’s rich past and passing it on to the next generation.

How does it work?

1. Choix du support

You pick the format that works for you:


Browse through moments of life to the sound of the voice of your loved one telling his or her story.

. Movie

Hear and look at your loved ones through interviews and photographs.

2. Implementation

You choose whether you record your loved one directly or Boîte à Histoires takes care of it all.

I interview and record my family
You record your loved one and send the files back to us via your private platform or via WhatsApp.
We help you produce the project with:

1 clip-on microphone and video stand for better sound and picture

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3. Validation and delivery

For the book offer, you receive a version of the script that you can correct before printing.

The delivery of your offer will be by mail for the book and / or on your private platform for the video, or however you want.

Film : je deviens le reporter de ma famille
The saga continues

Want to extend the experience for any additional hour

Book or film 99€,   Book and film 190€, 
Copy of the additional book 25€

Telling my life has been a deliverance. I am happy that I was able to testify and that my family can learn, understand and remember the stories of my life.

Nicole B. 93 years old,

New York

Thanks to your work, it’s a whole part of my story and my identity that remains alive.

Jérémie B. 32 years old,


Thank you, Boîte à Histoires, this flashback helped me. I hope that my children, grandchildren and later the great grandchildren will not forget us and that will be thanks to you.

Monique S. 70 years old