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Frequently asked questions

The interview

Do I need the latest smartphone to perform this interview?

No! Any phone, tablet or computer that allows you to film and connect the microphone delivered in the kit is sufficient. An internet connection is also required.

How to organize the interview?

In our kit you will find an “interview guide” to help you lead the discussion. You are obviously not obliged to follow it: do not hesitate to reflect on what the interviewee tells you or to ask more personal questions!

Be careful not to speak at the same time as the interviewee: the transcription being automated, this would risk a poor understanding of the words by our software!

Can we carry out an interview with others?

Of course! However, care must be taken that the interviewees do not speak at the same time: the transcription being automated, the audio tracks must be clearly audible.

Do I have to film the interview?

If you choose the book offer, this is not mandatory: you can record only sound. For the video offer, filming the interview is obviously necessary!

Finalization of the project

How do I start printing my book or editing my film?

You just have to send us a blank email with the subject line “I have finished my creation” to the email address bahistoires.contact@gmail.com once you have finished importing the files you want to include and that you corrected the text.

How long will I have to wait for my gift to be delivered?

We will try to send your book by post or your film on your platform within 4 weeks of your confirmation of finalization.

How many people can work on a project?

As many people as you want: the more the merrier! To do this, all you have to do is click on “…”, then on “Collaborators” and select the address (es) of the people with whom you want to share access. Also remember to activate the “Editor” mode to allow them to modify the project.

How much video or audio can I put in my book or film project?

We have set the maximum length at 1 hour for each movie and 3 hours for each book. However, you can extend the time by adding extra hours:

  • 1-hour book or video: € 99
  • 1-hour book and video: 190 €

How many photos can I include at the most in my book or film project?

We recommend a maximum of 30 photos per video in order to make room for the images of the testimony. But you can always add more if you wish: we will adjust the price according to the additional number of photos. For the book, there is no limit, but you have to take into account the text, which is essential.

Questions offres


Why do I have to correct my book?

Boîte à Histoires uses automatic transcription software for your interview. It is therefore up to you to check the quality of this transcription, but also to ensure that proper names are spelled correctly! You can also reorganize the chapters of your book, for more consistency.

Can I choose the cover of my book?

Of course! Choose the cover among your photographs.

How do I access the audio or video recordings of my book?

You will find a QR code in each chapter of the book. Then just scan it from your phone (either from the camera or from a dedicated application). You will then be redirected to an audio or video platform where the corresponding interview extract will be found.

How do I change one of the titles of my chapter?

On the phone : You just have to click on “…” to the right of the file, then click on “Rename this file”.

On computer : Click on “…”, then “More actions” and finally “Rename”

Comment ne pas recevoir le matériel qui m’aide à m’enregistrer?

J’ai déjà le matériel et ne veux pas qu’on me l’envoie. Aucun problème, nous ne vous l’enverrons pas et le prix du matériel peut vous être déduit quand vous passerez commande.

What is the format of the book?

We offer books of 250 pages maximum.

Can I order multiple copies of my book?

Of course! Each additional book will cost 25 €.

How do I organize my chapters?

You drop your videos, photos or audios in the order they appear. As part of the book offer, we will send you the transcription of your recordings in the same order.

How to change this order of appearance?

To move a file to another folder or within the same chapter, all you have to do is click on “…” to the right of the file, then click on “Move or copy”, and finally choose its new location.

How do I do my recordings if I don't have anyone around who can do it?

Don’t panic, we can find someone to interview you and / or we can also do it over the phone.


What will my movie look like?

Our teams will take care of editing and reworking the sequences filmed by you. Do not hesitate to re-shoot the sequences if the first attempt was not successful (stammering, hesitation, incomprehension …). We can add titles, photos to the different sequences, if you wish. To do this: go to the platform.

Payment and delivery

What are the available payment methods?

You can proceed to payment by Credit Card or Paypal.

Where does Boîte à Histoires deliver?

We deliver in France and around the world.

Can I make a return?

Yes! In accordance with article L121-20-12 of the French Consumer Code, you have a right of withdrawal for a period of 14 days. To assert this right and be reimbursed, you must send an email to bahistoires.contact@gmail.com and return the material received within 14 days of delivery (postmarked as proof). Return costs are your responsibility. You will be reimbursed within 14 days of receipt by our teams of the returned material.

Where does Boîte à Histoires deliver?

You can choose a home delivery or a relay point. Packages are shipped by Colissimo in France or other carriers around the world.

I would like to track the delivery of my package (book)

You will receive a tracking number by email as soon as your book is shipped in order to monitor its progress remotely!

Who has access to my data and files?

Our platform is secure: only you and those you authorize have the right to access your files
Pour toute autre question, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter par mail à bahistoires.contact@gmail.com
nous vous répondrons au plus vite !