Creators of emotions and links between generations

We believe that passing on the memories and histories of the past enable people to live a more fullfilling life and understand the present better.

How do we create this bond between generations ? By making up platforms collecting the memories of each and everyone and transforming them into books, movies, or exhibitions.

We interview you and harvest your personnal stories to narrate the family history through our creations. Are you ready to tell yours ?

Interview and transcribe the stories of your kin with Boîte à Histoires. We all have something to tell !

  • Interview the person of your choice
  • Add your best memories with pictures
  • Receive your interactive book, movie, or both thanks to Boîte à Histoires. You’ve got multiple choice ! 

Steps of your project

Boîte à Histoires : Choix du support

1. Format selection

  • Premium interactive book
  • Movie realised by a professionnal film editor
  • Book + Movie
Boîte à Histoires : Reporter de ma famille

2. Realisation

  • Preparation of the interview kit
  • Interview of your family member
  • Online upload of your interview on our secure platform
Boîte à Histoires: validation du projet

3. Approval and shipping

  • Approval of your book and/or movie realised by Boîte à Histoires
  • Request of the number of copies wanted
  • Reception of your order

Boîte à Histoires, it’s also…

JT des Aînés

The Senior TV News is an action that was launched by Boîte à Histoires and supported by city halls, departments, EHPAD and retirement homes.

It’s a TV News program which allow residents and caregivers to give updates to their kin but also to discover their day to day life.

Collecte des Mémoires

In French families, in every territory, there are still memories and keepsakes of people who lived through major historic times.

So that their memories just don’t fade away, we gather and record their testimony so that we can protect the memorial representation on a dedicated website.

Boîte à Histoires : Appel du Général de Gaulle

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